“Enjoyable experience.”


Many thanks Leonie

“Fantastic instructor, he has been very patient and adaptable to my needs at the time. It has been a pleasure to learn with lee I would highly recommend him.”


Many thanks Terri

“Very good instructor that can put up with my grumpiness at 8am in the morning. Shaun had very good strategies to help me learn and I will be forever grateful. Thanks.”


Many thanks Imogin

“Highly recommend Shaun as a driving instructor, funny and down to earth. He pushes you to your limits.”


Many thanks Sharnie

“Very pleased with the overall tuition, very friendly and always lets you know if anything could be changed.”


Many thanks Anthony

“Fantastic driving instructor.”


Many thanks Ben

“Thank you so much. Great instructor. I would recommend Lee to my friends.”


Many thanks Lewis

“I think having my driving lessons with Shaun from SLM School of Motoring has been fantastic.”

Many thanks Ryan

“I have enjoyed my lessons with Shaun. Every lesson was structched and useful with no problems. I would recommend SLM School of Motoring it everybody.”


Many thanks Matthew



Many thanks Sharmila

“I’m very happy with the service given by Shaun it was a pleasure to meet him we get along so well. I would highly recommend him to any new drivers.”


Many thanks Holly

“Brilliant guy that helped with everything.”


Many thanks Dean

“Going to miss my lessons and our laughs. Excellent methods always enjoyed my lessons with Shaun I always looked forward to them Excellent instructor.”


Many thanks Alicia

“BRILLIANT! Can’t fault him.”


Many thanks Ryan

“Shaun is a great instructor, he has a laugh but gets the job done.”


Many thanks James

“Great instructor will recommend to anyone. I got on with him really well grade A fella. Thanks lee you’re a star.”


Many thanks Neil

“Great instructor fantastic sense of humour. I had lots of fun. I would highly recommend.”


Many thanks Joanna

“Lee Benson is the best driving instructor ever!!! Very professional and fun. I would recommend to anyone!!”


Many thanks Donna

“Thank you Lee. You made the lessons fun which helped me loads with the nerves. Thanks again couldn’t have done it without you.”


Many thanks lynsey

“Shaun is a good driving instructor and SLM is a fantastic school. Thank you.”


Many thanks Alix

“Fantastic instructor a pleasure to come to lessons very easy to get along with what a top bloke!! Thank you so much.”


Many thanks Mark

“Lee was amazing when I wasn’t confident in myself he kept me calm when I was shaky. I’m definitely going to recommend the company top everyone I know.”


Many thanks Katie

“Thoroughly enjoyed my complete experience with Shaun and SLM. Fantastic instructor who knows his stuff.”


Many thanks Craig

“Amazing instructor and man, did well to put up with me. If it wasn’t for lee I wouldn’t of passed first time going to miss you dearly. Lots of love for this man.”


Many thanks Paige

“Professional, explained clearly during instruction Shaun always gave accurate feedback for good and bad things that you had done. He was so easy to get along with. I would recommend him to all.”


Many thanks James

“Shaun thank you so much for everything. Brilliant driving school.”


Many thanks Kershia

“Excellent instructor really helped to build confidence. Wicked sense of humour, makes learning enjoyable. Never a dull moment. Thank you Lee.”


Many thanks Sophie

“Fab driving lessons, relaxed environment.”


Many thanks Emily

“Very detailed and good instruction.”


Many thanks Kyle

“Excellent driving instructor, great timekeeping, excellent attitude towards learning others, great bloke.”


Many thanks Steven

“Whilst nervous at first I feel that I took to driving very quickly and having Lee as my instructor helped a lot. I now feel very comfortable driving and it has increased my confidence.”


Many thanks Joseph

1″Fantastic experience learning with Colin. When Colin’s car broke down the day before my test Shaun helped out and took me in his car. Big thanks Colin & Shaun I would recommend using SLM School of Motoring to pass your driving test.”


Thank you Johnathan

“I enjoyed learning to drive with Shaun, very easy to get along with. Made to feel at ease I would defiantly recommend.”


Many thanks Bethanie

“Great methods of teaching, Shaun gives confidence when driving.”


Many thanks Rachel

“Shaun is fantastic, friendly and a down to earth driving instructor who was understanding and didn’t push me beyond what I could do. He believed in me when I didn’t.”


Many thanks Abi

“Great instructor I would definitely recommend. Easy to get on with and he gives great advice lee has a great sense of humour.”


Many thanks Sarah

“Shaun is a fantastic driving instructor. I enjoyed every lesson with him and learnt a lot.”


Many thanks Philippa

“Really good clear instructions especially on reversing. Very friendly and helpful. Shaun had fantastic patience to keep going over things that I could not master. He is so understanding thank you.”


Many thanks Alex



Many thanks Paul

“Lee Benson is a great driving instructor I had a good laugh and joke he will be missed.”


Many thanks Claire

“Easy going and supportive. Made lessons fun and build my confidence. Thank you Shaun.”


Many thanks John

“Lee Benson is a great driving instructor I had a good laugh and joke he will be missed.”


Many thanks Claire

1″”Really great teaching, relaxed and thinks he is funny! Lol I learnt well and passed first time.”


Many thanks Samantha

1″Really great teaching, relaxed and thinks he is funny! Lol I learnt well and passed first time.”


Many thanks Samantha

“Great service Shaun Murphy is an extremely good driving instructor he corrects your faults without making you feel like a failure I would highly recommend SLM School of Motoring.”


Many thanks Corey

“Shaun is a very good driving instructor he is honest and truthful. He tells you your faults and then corrects them.

I came to Shaun through recommendation and I’m very glad I did I would highly recommend.”


Many thanks Abigail

“Lee Benson from SLM School of Motoring is an absolutely amazing driving instructor I would definitely recommend Lee and SLM School of Motoring all the way many thanks”


Many thanks Craig

“I’m really happy with all my driving lessons and the progress that I made with Shaun and SLM School of Motoring. Shaun is a fantastic driving instructor he made all my driving lessons fun Shaun is firm, fair, very friendly & approachable I will miss my driving lessons with him.”


Many thanks Charlotte

“Happy to pass Lee is a brilliant instructor.”


Many thanks Ricky

“Lee is a very good driving instructor. I always felt confident when I was in the driving seat and he would always help me to rectify my mistakes I also passed first time with so what more can I say!! .”


Many thanks Zac

“I’m really happy with the services & teaching that I received from Shaun whilst I was with SLM School of Motoring I came on recommendation and both me and my sister passed with this school I would highly recommend this school to anybody.”


Many thanks Jack

“Lee is a great driving instructor he is fun but serious it was amazing taking lessons with him! I would do it all again but I don’t have to.”


Many thanks Becky

“I really enjoyed my time with Lee, He was never impatient with me and always had a Laugh and joke he is a great teacher.”


Many thanks Simon

“Very good and patient instructor. Will be back soon for Pass plus!”


Many thanks Joanne

“Shaun is a lovely driving instructor, He is so easy to get along with, and Shaun made learning so easy and fun.”


Many thanks Summer

“Fantastic driving instructor clear & easy to understand very easy to talk to very helpful and he would go that extra mile to get you passed.

I would recommend him to anyone.”


Many thanks Lee

“Enjoyed every single driving lesson good sense of humour and has prepared me thoroughly for my driving test, know what he is on about and I would definitely recommend him.”


Many thanks Sarah

“Fantastic Lee is a real legend. Proper dedication in all driving lessons.”


Many thanks John

1“Thank you Shaun you’ve been a brilliant instructor and a laugh to drive with, also I passed my driving test with no driving errors. See you soon for Pass plus.”


Many thanks Lauren

“He is a good driving instructor; Shaun is great to learn with.”


Many thanks Emma

“I really enjoyed lessons with Shaun he made me feel comfortable with my driving. I would definitely recommend as a driving instructor.”


Many thanks Emma-lee

“Amazing good honest clear instruction. Really a pleasure to learn with Lee.”


Many thanks Grant

“Very happy that I passed second time I believe I had all the right resources to pass and thank lee for helping me to learn to drive.”


Many thanks Daniel

“Lee is a brilliant instructor easy to get on and learn with 10/10.”


Many thanks Ryan

“Brilliant instructor I really enjoyed my driving lessons with Louise, really easy to learn with great advice given before my driving test thank you for helping me to pass my test.”


Many thanks Charlotte

“SLM is a very good driving school for a new car driver and the instructor is very well trained, organised and able to provide the students with very good theory and driving skills.”


Many thanks Choon poh

“So pleased I made the decision to drive with Shaun. I had felt so nervous about it but he made me feel comfortable. He had every faith I was going to pass which made me feel better and I passed first time.”


Many thanks Hollie

“After a really bad experience with another company a friend recommended SLM School of Motoring and Shaun. I’m very glad I went with this company it was enjoyable and I learnt a lot.”


Many thanks Demi-jay

“Really good instructor, very encouraging I would recommend.”


Many thanks Jessica

“Very good instructor, good Laugh and joke would highly recommend.”


Many thanks Corey

“Learning to drive with lee was brilliant; I don’t think I could have done it without him. I looked forward to every driving lesson. Lee always made me feel at ease. I would recommend him to anyone.”


Many thanks Charlotte

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with Lee. I was given fantastic support throughout all of my driving lessons and I feel privileged to have been taught by him. He always arrived early for my driving lessons and any time I made any errors I received thorough and detailed feedback to which I could improve on. I will definitely be returning to do my Pass plus course. Thank you for all your help and support.”


Many thanks James

“Patient when you can’t get the hang of things the first time round. He got me to pass my driving test first time.”


Many thanks Rebecca

“Made things very simple and we had a right old laugh.”


Many thanks Alissa

“Absolutely amazing I would definitely recommend.”


Many thanks Michael

“Very good instructor, Lee is determined to get all his pupils through their test he is very punctual, Never disappoints has a laugh and a joke with pupils, overall a very good instructor.”


Many thanks Thomas

“Shaun is amazing I will send everyone to him.”


Many thanks Samantha

“Lee is an excellent instructor I enjoyed my lessons.”


Many thanks Dave

“He is a great instructor, I would recommend Lee to anyone who wants to start driving he is a good laugh and great at explaining manoeuvres.”


Many thanks Richard

“Enjoyable, Relaxed, Lee was easy to get on with and was totally helpful.”


Many thanks Tom

“Lee was a brill instructor so patient with me it was a pleasure driving with him, I love him to bits.”


Many thanks Margaret

“He is the best at his job, Thank you Lee.”


Many thanks Steven

“I was very nervous on my first driving lesson but Lee instantly made me feel relaxed. Throughout the whole experience he has been patient, giving constructive criticism where needed, I would thoroughly recommend him. Thank you so much.”


Many thanks Rachel

“Lee was kind & funny, I hope I made a new friend as well as an instructor. I would be happy to recommend Lee to anyone who is taking lessons or is thinking of taking up driving.”


Many thanks Wendy

“Shaun is a fantastic driving instructor, very friendly and easy to get along with I passed first time with his help”


Many thanks Richard

“Lee was a very good driving instructor who I felt very comfortable with.”


Many thanks Daniel

“Yay Finally”

“Its took some time but actually got there! A big thank you to Lee for pushing me to keep trying, it’s been great learning with SLM and I’ve already recommended them to others.”


Many thanks Samantha

“Shaun is a fantastic driving instructor; he made driving lessons interesting and easy. My first lesson was bought for me as a gift I was very pleased that they chose SLM School of Motoring I would highly recommend them”

Many thanks Liam

“I had 2 driving instructors before I started lessons with SLM School of Motoring, but I did prefer Lee’s manor and methods of teaching. Thank you so much for helping me to pass”


Many thanks Heather

“Shaun is a really good driving instructor I enjoyed learning to drive with him thank you so much (see you on pass plus)”


Many thanks Amy

“Easy to talk to, Lee is a good driving instructor he is very helpful patient and funny”


Many thanks Ashley

“Lee is a very good driving instructor, He explained everything well. Very patient with a good sense of humour this certainly helped with my confidence in driving I would recommend him”


Many thanks Kathryn

“Shaun is an excellent driving instructor”


Many thanks Matthew

“Lee was an amazing driving instructor thank you so much I would not have been able to do it with out him, Lee is so easy going and knows how to make boring things like left reverse fun”


Many thanks Rhishara

“Lee is an excellent driving instructor I passed 3rd time with the help from Lee; he is very patient and friendly thanks for helping me to pass my test”


Many thanks Jessica

“Lee was amazing driving instructor he was very helpful and supportive throughout all the driving lessons we had together.”


Many thanks Will

“Shaun is a really good driving instructor and helped me loads. I would highly recommend Shaun to any new learners”


Many thanks Charlotte

“Shaun is a very helpful instructor, He has great patience very constructive, and he makes things as easy as possible. ALL ROUND F.A.B”


Many thanks Ashley

“Lee is an amazing motivated person not to mention a fantastic driving instructor he worked me to the upmost every minute of each driving lesson without Lee I would not have passed first time I would recommend him to everyone and if he is still teaching in the years to come my children will be using his services too”


Many thanks Charanjit

“A generally top bloke!! He saw the perfect way to give me positive feedback and constructive criticism. Lee got through to me well I would recommend him to anyone, my partner is now learning with him, ONLY 2 MINORS THAT SAYS IT ALL!!”


Many thanks Darren

“Lee was a very good, quality lesson, easy to drive car I would definitely recommend to friends and family”


Many thanks Julius

“Shaun is a fantastic driving instructor I would recommend to anybody; I have no negative comments at all. I would rate Shaun & SLM School of Motoring.” A***


Many thanks Kieron

“Shaun has an excellent teaching style, he is very honest. I would recommend Shaun & SLM School of Motoring to anybody.”


Many thanks Daisy

“Shaun is a fantastic instructor he always tells you what’s going wrong and how to fix it giving you the support and confidence that you need.”


Many thanks Katie

“Shaun is a fantastic teacher, very patient and kind he is understanding and very forgiving when things go wrong!! SLM School of Motoring is a great company and I will miss Shaun loads.”


Many thanks Bethanie

“Shaun was a great driving instructor we practised all my driving until it was correct he was always free whenever I wanted to book or change a lesson. SLM School of Motoring give a fantastic service.”


Many thanks Jack

“Shaun runs a brilliant driving school and is a really nice person and so easy to get along with. I had driving lessons with another school but was not making progress so changed to SLM School of Motoring. Shaun teaches in a friendly but firm way but it is always in a relaxed way which makes the learning process fun and interesting.”


Many thanks Melissa

“I took refresher driving lessons for 7 hours as I passed my driving test 1 year ago in Japan. Lee was such a great & patient instructor so I did enjoy driving. As I work Monday to Friday I appreciated that I could take lessons on a Saturday without a problem. Thank you Lee. Also I would like to thank Shaun for the quick response, your initial detailed and helpful info gave me the trust in your company even before I had taken any driving lessons. Thank you regards Asuka”


Many thanks Asuka

“Lee has good teaching skills; He is very friendly, reasonable prices and gave sufficient information on the tests.”


Many thanks Justin

“Shaun is a very good driving instructor every lesson was enjoyable, he is very friendly and patient. SLM School of Motoring is great value for money, already recommended to friends and would keep doing so.”


Many thanks Jacob

“Lee is a fantastic driving instructor he makes driving easy and always makes you feel relaxed. He is willing to go that extra mile to help you pass.”


Many thanks Carl